Daniels Fine Chemicals Ltd.


Daniels Fine Chemicals Ltd. manufactures the following viologens and has the experience and expertise to custom manufacture just about any viologen a customer may need. Counter ions can be halides, perchlorate, hexafluorophosphate, tetrafluoroborate, etc. Because of the extensive possibilities please inquire. DFC manufactures all of these compounds and lead times vary depending on product ordered. All products can be scaled up to kg quantities. Every DFC compound undergoes extensive quality control testing to provide the purest product. Certificates of Analysis are supplied with every compound ordered.

Chemical CAS No.
1-allyl-1'-ethylviologen diperchlorate [1102-19-8]
1-allyl-1'-ethylviologen dihexafluorophosphate [1102-19-8]
1-allyl-1'-ethylviologen ditetrafluoroborate [1102-19-8]
benzyl viologen di[bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide] [0-0-0]
benzyl viologen dichloride [1102-19-8]
benzyl viologen diperchlorate [0-0-0]
benzyl viologen dihexafluorophosphate [0-0-0]
benzyl viologen ditetrafluoroborate [0-0-0]
1,1'-bis(2,4-dinitrophenyl)-4,4'-bipyridilium dichloride [41168-79-0]
1,1'-bis(p-cyanophenyl)-4,4'-bipyridilium dichloride [31515-20-5]
3,3'-dipropene viologen dibromide [0-0-0]
3,3'-dipropene viologen dihexafluorophosphate [0-0-0]
3,3'-dipropene viologen diperchlorate [0-0-0]
3,3'-dipropene viologen ditetrafluoroborate [0-0-0]
ethyl viologen di[bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide] [0-0-0]
ethyl viologen dibromide [53721-12-3]
ethyl viologen dichloride [3688-18-4]
ethyl viologen dihexafluorophosphate [0-0-0]
ethyl viologen diiodide [1983-61-5]
ethyl viologen diperchlorate [36305-51-8]
heptyl viologen di[bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide] [0-0-0]
heptyl viologen dibromide [0-0-0]
heptyl viologen diiodide [0-0-0]
7-hydroxyheptyl viologen di[bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide] [0-0-0]
7-hydroxyheptyl viologen dibromide [0-0-0]
7-hydroxyheptyl viologen diperchlorate [0-0-0]
7-hydroxyheptyl viologen dihexafluorophosphate [0-0-0]
7-hydroxyheptyl viologen ditetrafluoroborate [0-0-0]
1-(11-hydroxyundecyl)-1'-benzyl viologen diperchlorate [0-0-0]
1-(11-hydroxyundecyl)-1'-benzyl viologen ditetrafluoroborate [0-0-0]
propyl viologen di[bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide] [0-0-0]
propyl viologen dibromide [0-0-0]
propyl viologen dichloride [0-0-0]
propyl viologen diperchlorate [0-0-0]
propyl viologen dihexafluorophosphate [0-0-0]
propyl viologen ditetrafluoroborate [0-0-0]
2-propyl viologen di[bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide] [0-0-0]
2-propyl viologen dibromide [0-0-0]
2-propyl viologen dichloride [0-0-0]
2-propyl viologen diperchlorate [0-0-0]
2-propyl viologen dihexafluorophosphate [0-0-0]
2-propyl viologen ditetrafluoroborate [0-0-0]
phenyl viologen di[bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide] [0-0-0]
phenyl viologen dibromide [0-0-0]
phenyl viologen dichloride [0-0-0]
phenyl viologen dihexafluorophosphate [0-0-0]
phenyl viologen diperchlorate [0-0-0]
phenyl viologen ditetrafluoroborate [0-0-0]

Terms and Conditions of Sale: All sales are F.O.B. seller's point of shipping. Seller's chemicals are intended for laboratory and research purposes only. They are not to be used for drug, household or other uses. Terms of sale are net 30 days. Products are intended for use by qualified and trained personnel. The burden of safe use of the Sellers products rests with the buyer. Safety Data Sheets will be supplied as required and containers labelled to indicate the products known main hazards.